In a world full of uncertainty there is no shortage of opinions on the direction mankind needs to take or what the future will or should look like.  For many of us in the mountain bike world just being able to continue to enjoy riding trails and see the sport progress in a sustainable and responsible way is all that really matters.  This year’s theme is “Partnering for Success” which is probably the most practical approach to finding solutions to the challenges we face and creating opportunities for the future.  We have several keynote speakers this year with a range of perspectives on the path we need to take to a successful and sustainable future.

Ken Melamed

Many may know Ken as past mayor of Whistler (2005-2011) or more recently for his amazing rockwork and trail building skills as a WORCA volunteer.  Some also know him as Jesse’s dad!  In any case, Ken is an optimist and a conservationist and will share some of his experience and his views about the ‘sustainability’ aspects of our sport.

Patrick Lucas

For the past decade, Patrick has immersed himself in the world of mountain biking, trails, and reconciliation.  As founder of the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program, Patrick has worked with dozens of First Nations and Indigenous Peoples throughout the province, training trail crews and building pathways that support healing and community development. He is widely recognized as a trusted voice and advocate for reconciliation.

Quinn Lanzon

A self-proclaimed armchair economist who loves to ride bikes, read books, and tries to predict the future.  Quinn is also marketing director for OneUp Components and has some interesting insights on sustainable action, and inaction, in the bike industry and will challenge us to rethink what sustainability looks like for our businesses, our communities, and our trails.

Join us at SilverStar on September 14-16 to hear from these visionaries and other insightful presenters on important and timely topics for the mountain bike sector.